#8 Bike Lesson in Provence-Alpes

stormyDidn't want to bike in the rain. Made excuses. Said it was pouring though it was only drizzling. But here I am. Glad I came, though now it really is pouring. Lesson for today: Do it! Do it! Do it! Practice! Practice! Practice! It's okay. Ride is easier every time. If I took a break, missed a ride, it would only slow me down, put a stop to what's important.

And that gets us to why I'm really here on this hilltop in a rain and windstorm; it is to write my new novel "Melissa," which by the way is going great! Near the end of the first draft but I have to do it every day. Just something. Anything. Just a thought. I try to do a minimum of a 1,000 words a day.

So that 's it. That's it for today. Got to go fill that blank page. Happy Sunday. Love to you all.

Photo Caption: Yes, it even rains in paradise