"Not A Day Without A Line"

No bike lesson today.  I would like to talk about writing,  because I was inspired by this quote. I looked it up to find out its history: The original quote came from Apelles, an ancient Greek painter in 4th Century B.C.: "Nulla dies sine linea."

Then Beethoven (1770-1827) said, "No day without a line" in answer to how he accomplished so much work as a composer.

Then along comes van Gogh (1853-1890) who wrote in "Letters to Theo" (an extraordinary, intimate, and uplifting correspondence about the work of one of our greatest painters): "Not a day without a line.  By writing, reading, working and practicing daily, perseverance will lead me to a good end."

That's it! That's what you gotta do, whatever your creative expression is.  Now if I can just apply it to my own daily work I'll finish this manuscript before the end of summer in La Drôme and turn it into a novel!!!