This is my third website and this one is incorruptible!

I have been unable to write in Let's Talk for several weeks as my new site was being built on Squarespace by my wonderful new designer, Angelie. For those of you who haven't been following my web site construction: My first website this summer was corrupted under my writer's touch. The second site was ardulously built and completely unmanageable. The third site, this one, is fantastic. So you'll be hearing a lot more from me as I can even write blogs from my iPhone. How cool is that!


"In Pursuit . . ." has been out now for a few weeks and I'm sure Katherine Mansfield would be pleased with the results so far. Readers are buying. Rave reviews are coming in! You can check them out on my web page review page.


And thanks to all of you that have made comments on my previous articles. I had to paste them in from my website graveyard so it looks like I wrote them but I signed with your names.

Needless to say I have been spending too much time in technological purgatory. I even took the risk, as Katherine Mansfield would have, and upgraded my operating system (OS for those of you who know this stuff). For those who would prefer a literary translation I went from being a Tiger to a Snow Leopard and in the transition lost all my files for around 48 hours. But they have now been retrieved and I am ready to move forward.

I get to be a writer again! I woke up the other day with a new character residing in my brain waiting to be developed in my next novel, instead of excessive thoughts on codes and pings and unresolvable computer glitches.

And now that I have this wonderful new site to work on, and it's so easy, I will be adding worthwhile links, increasing my gallery and writing articles about Katherine Mansfield and biographical fiction. So please visit again soon. And feel free to contact me about Squarespace if you want to build your own website.




The Katherine Mansfield Story has gone to print!!!

I'm treating you as a friend asking you to share my present minuses in the hope that I can ask you to share my future pluses.

—Katherine Mansfield

Today I got exciting news from CreateSpace:  “Katherine Mansfield” has been ordered and will be shipped to you within five days.  What that means is that I am about to actually, after all these arduous mounts, going to touch finished product.  Not the stack of manuscript sheets proudly displayed on my bookshelf or the PDF file but the book itself will be in my hands and I can open the cover and look between the sheets. That’s cool.

Next I will have to approve it.  And that will happen very quickly as my primary concern is the cover.  I have only seen the jacket on a monitor screen and I can only hope it looks as good.  Then I have to email my “design team” and somehow shout “Print it!”

Meanwhile what have I been doing and what will I be doing?  Internet Marketing 101 – what else!  Long tedious hours pursuing ways to make “Katherine Mansfield" available to the public thorugh my website.  Ah yes, speaking of websites, mine is still in constuction.  It has taken way longer than I could ever have imagined.

And the writer?  What has she been doing?  Not a word.  And there won’t be a word put to the blank page until I go on my retreat in January.  Until then I will continue to market “In Pursuit . . .“ in a responsible manner.  I owe it to Katherine Mansfield’s memory and to myself for she would haunt me to the end of my days if I left her hanging.

So though I can’t develop a character, or write dialog, or place a scene, I can still blog.  It’s not exactly the same as putting down words on a blank page but it’s better than no writing.

So with that thought I am going to make myself a vodka gimlet.  Then I am going lift my glass to all you writers who know the pain of not writing.  You who know that feeling when someone asks “what do you do?” and your immediate response is “I’m a writer” and then you immediately ask yourself if that is entirely true seeing you haven’t put ink to paper or fingers to keys in months!

Wait that is not entirely true. Today I spent condensing my 333-page biographical novel into a 500-word plot summary.  Not easy.  In the next few days I will put the plot summary up on my site so you can see how I did manage to compress “In Pursuit . . .” from 110,000 words to 500.

Katherine Mansfield was a mistress at condensing her stories.  And if you don’t know that I suggest you read one of her short story collections.  There is a reason for Virginia’s Woolf’s jealousy toward Katherine’s work.  And if I was tech-smart I would code a highlight here that would immediately link you to Amazon and Katherine Mansfield’s book collections.  I still have to work on that.  But I will in the future recommend several of Mansfield’s short stories.

Now before I go here is the shock of it all at least for me.  This is the second time I have written this blog tonight.  It took a lot of courage for me to start writing a blog again.  After the last blog crashed, I was blog-shy.  So tonight I started.  And guess what happened to my first copy?  It disappeared, swallowed up into internet infinity.  This second time I have backed-it up so that it won’t happen again.  But let me tell you I was ready to pack it in.  Instead I slammed my door and sat back down again and here are the results.  I liked the first version but at least I did it and I will be back.

Self-publishing: Self-publishing 101: Nightmare

How about this statistic: one Print-On-Demand in 200 sells over 500 copies and that’s if you’ve done your homework and have thousands of visitors.  What is that phrase: Build it and they will come.  Hard to believe in that right now.  And you can read one thousand how to self-publish books and still not have thousands of visitors. How despressing is that to a writer who just wants to be read, even by just a few.

So depressing I had two glasses of rosé instead of one with my Camembert sandwich while reminding myself that I have specific goals here and don’t go crazy over this.

Reminding myself that the reason for this website is to have my book read by more than a few family members.

Reminding myself that I do not want to be a publisher or a web tech.

I just want this book to be read so I can feel good about writing the next one. Reminding myself that I am a writer and my next book is waiting to be written - so as I said earlier get going!