“This rarest hybrid of pure fiction and speculative memoir could only be written by Joanna FitzPatrick. She is a remarkable writer who brings to the page a unique knowledge of the music of life—the boundless love; the depths of grief. Once you get to know Marisa Bridges, a woman with the ageless grace of Clarissa Dalloway and the contemporary courage and moxie of the mature Bridget Jones, you will never forget her.”
— Steve Lewis, author of “Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton: A Hippies Guide to the Second Sixties”
“FitzPatrick writes with a sensitive clarity, sympathetic understanding, and a refreshingly tart sense of humor. Her story rolls forward in unpretentious but lyrical prose, and her characters come alive as imperfect, believable people.”
— Michael Lydon author of Ray Charles: Man and Music
“This book will delight all Katherine Mansfield devotees, who will relish the chance to live through the extraordinary life of KM, a life that never ceases to fascinate and move, no matter how many times it’s retold.”
— Katherine Mansfield Society
“It’s a read and a half! The drummer was Jules & Jules was Marisa’s husband. Jules was a drummer in a Jazz-fusion band & when he moved on to the Big Jazz Band in the sky, Marisa would still talk to him during evening cocktail hour in their Tribeca (trendy place) loft.
— Jerry Puffer, KSEN radio