Jules and Marisa Bridges were more than just husband and wife; he was a famous drummer and she was his manager. They were inseparable – they completed each other.

When cancer takes Jules from her, Marisa faces not only immeasurable loss, but a dire financial situation. Desperate to hold on to her Tribeca loft, she takes in renters Martin Starks and Cassandra Blanche. But Cassandra isn’t just a bartender at the Bitter End. It turns out she’s the celebrated diva CiCi Belle, and she’s been hiding from her glittering career and her abusive manager. Martin, a talented, young guitarist, asks her to join his band, and in turn, they ask Marisa to be their manager.

Marisa quickly pedals back into the music business when she takes the band on a challenging European tour that reveals the conflict between those under the lights and those who stand in the wings.

As Marisa grapples with her new independence, she discovers a hidden strength and the possibility “to find the treasure” in living.