Okay here are the photos I promised from this morning’s bike ride.

En Route Poppy Fields in BloomLavender Fields Forever

Unfortunately while I was working on uploading the photos from my iPhone to my iPhoto I had a technical breakdown – my internal keyboard froze, in other words non-communicative. Now I’m up and running again or should I say up and writing again but three hours later!

What I had started to write before my keyboard froze! was that today’s bike ride was much improved because I’d gotten the tech part down. No more shifting into first gear to go uphill.  And once that was resolved I became more present, less uptight, and could really take pleasure in my extraordinary surroundings.

Today’s lesson is two-fold.  Tech problems are unpredictable.  One just has to take a deep breath and through trial and error fix the problem.  Oh and another thing is not to be afraid of asking questions to those who know more than I do.  So . . . whenever I have a technical problem with my computer I Google for help.  My brother Greg taught me that.